I’m 16 and worried about a possible pregnancy risk …

….After having unprotected sex in the last few days.  Is there a way to get Plan B without parents knowing or without paying so much for it?


Great job thinking about your sexual health!

There are a couple of options for obtaining Plan B, or Emergency Contraception. 

Emergency Contraception can be bought over the counter in various stores.  There is no age restriction to buy it, and a person does not have to have a parent or guardian’s permission to buy it.  Over the counter it is around $40-$60.

At Teen Clinic, for existing patients ( this means a person has had an appointment with us before), Emergency Contraception is anywhere from $0-$5. For teens who are not patients, they can walk in and get it for $20.

If you want to make an appointment with us, give us a call at 303-442-5160