I’m 17 and I got the Nexplanon inserted about two weeks ago…

…My period is two days late. Is it working already? Or is something wrong?

Something that is important to mention with the Nexplanon is the effect it may have on your period. Nexplanon contains a hormone called progesterone. When someone is on progesterone, they may not have a typical period. For some people, this means that someone will not have a period at all, or they may experience irregular spotting, or they can experience something similar to a light period. How your body reacts to progesterone will depend on the person.

It can take someone’s body up to 3 months to get used to a hormonal birth control method, especially if it’s  progesterone method that will change the period.

You can call the clinician who inserted your Nexplanon to make sure what you’re experiencing is normal, but remember that hormonal methods like Nexplanon can change your period.

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