I’m on Nexplanon and haven’t stopped bleeding. Can I get pregnant?

When someone starts a new hormonal birth control method for the first time, they need to use a back-up method or abstain for the first week. After that first week, the hormones are integrated into the body and will start to protect against pregnancy.

After that week, Nexplanon protects against pregnancy up to 99% for 3 years,

It is also important to say that a very common side effect of the Nexplanon can be irregular bleeding. Some people lose their period completely; some have irregular spotting, and some people bleed more for the adjustment period. Sometimes it can take anywhere from 3-6 months for the body to adjust to the new hormone.  The reason this happens is because Nexplanon contains the hormone Progesterone, which over time stops the uterine lining from building up. Sometimes it will still build up and then shed. This is why someone may not have a period, or may have irregular bleeding. This is completely okay and healthy.

So while having bleeding with the Nexplanon is common, having bleeding doesn’t increase the chance of pregnancy.

If you continue to have bleeding and want to discuss ways to regulate it, you can call our Teen Clinic to make an appointment! 303-442-5160