I’m really concerned, I’ve been on the Nexplanon the last 3 years….

…..I was supposed to get it removed July 25th. I had unprotected sex on my removal date July 25th, thinking I was supposed to have it removed on the July 26th, I was wrong. Is it a possibility that I could be pregnant?

Good question.  Lets talk a little bit about the Nexplanon.

The Nexplanon is a single matchstick-sized rod that is placed underneath the skin in your upper arm. A nurse or doctor inserts the rod. Once inserted, the rod releases hormones gradually for up to three years.

Nexplanon is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy for up to three years, but it does not protect against any STIs!

What is important to know is that pregnancy is possible as soon as the Nexplanon is removed.  It is also recommended to refrain from any unprotected vaginal intercourse for at least 5 days prior to the removal of the Nexplanon.  This is because sperm can live in the vagina for 5 days.  So if unprotected sex occurs during this time, pregnancy can be possible.

It would be a good idea to consider another form of birth control, if the Nexplanon wasn’t for you.  Remember, condoms also help reduce the risk of pregnancy and STIs.

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