Is it bad if a 14 year old masturbates 4 times a week?

Masturbation (when done in private) is a safe way to explore your body and learn more about your sexual likes and dislikes.  Masturbation doesn’t come with a risk of STI transmission or pregnancy, and it doesn’t require the same communication skills as being sexually active with someone else. Self-masturbation can also help you figure out your sexual boundaries and preferences before you become sexually active with others. Masturbation also won’t damage or harm your body in any way.

Avoid comparing your masturbation choices to others’. Everyone is different! Some people may masturbate often, and others may not masturbate at all! If you feel like masturbation is interfering or interrupting your daily life, consider talking to a trusted adult about this.  If you’re not sure who to turn to, Teen Clinic can be a great, confidential place to talk about sexual decision making with a medical professional.

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