Is it bad to have sex two times in less than an hour?

Sexual activity is a normal part of human life.  In the same way that people prefer different foods, clothing, and activities, people may also prefer different amounts of sex.  Instead of asking if sex was good or bad, consider whether or not it was healthy. Did both people agree to the sex?  Was there protection against sexually transmitted infections?  Was a birth control method used correctly? Did the activity feel safe and fun for both people?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, it sounds like you’re making healthy sexual decisions!  The amount and type of sex people choose can vary throughout their lives, so don’t worry too much!  However, keep an eye on how your body feels.  If you experience any pain or stress related to the sex, take a break; genitals can be sensitive to lots of activity. See a healthcare provider if you experience bleeding after intercourse, itching, burning, or abnormal discharge.