Is it normal for my labia minora to stick out of my labia majora?

…I’m embarrassed about it, and want to know if I can get it fixed to look normal.

The human body comes in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes, and so do its parts! How genitalia looks can vary quite a bit. It’s healthy to remember that everyone is different; there really is no such thing as normal. Anatomically, a larger labia minora is generally unlikely to cause reproductive and sexual health problems, but if you’re concerned, it’s a great idea to make an appointment to talk to one of our Teen Clinic practitioners.

Keep in mind that not only do people come in different shapes and sizes, people like different shapes and sizes!  No matter how unique your body parts may seem, chances are there’s someone who prefers the way you look. And although cosmetic genital surgeries do exist, many health professionals would caution you against them. (Visit Teen Clinic to learn more.)

If you find yourself worrying often about how your body looks, consider contacting the Boulder Youth Body Alliance. BYBA is a group of high-school-aged peer educators who are trained to help you better understand and love your body. (Visit their website here, or friend them on Facebook.) You can also access free counseling on Tuesdays from 3-6 at the Longmont Teen Clinic. This service is available on a walk-in basis, although the counselor is willing to take appointments.  If you’re 15 and up, you’re good to go; if you’re under 15, you’ll need parental consent for this service.

Don’t forget that your body is fabulous, unique, and just right for you!