Is it okay to have sex if you haven’t gotten your period for the first time?

There’s only one person who can tell if you’re ready to have sex:  you! If you’re considering becoming sexually active, spend some time thinking about why sexual activity is right for you. Make sure you’re not feeling pressured by friends or a partner.  Be confident that sex isn’t linked to your self-esteem, and definitely don’t have sex just to “get it over with.”  If you need some guidance, consider talking to a trusted adult or a practitioner at Teen Clinic.

Medically, there’s no reason having intercourse before your first menstruation would harm your body.  However, it’s important to realize that pregnancy is a risk even if you haven’t gotten your period. Choose a reliable birth control method, and use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted infections.  If you’re concerned about your menstruation, make an appointment to talk to a Teen Clinic practitioner. The age when people begin menstruating can vary widely; visiting the clinic can help make sure you’re healthy.

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