Is Mirena or Paragard better for treating heavy periods?

Fabulous question! We recommend Mirena for those who have heavy periods. Because Mirena contains the hormone progesterone,  it can make the period lighter. Some females who use Mirena don’t get a period at all! Others may experience spotting (small amounts of irregular bleeding) instead. Mirena is a five-year hormonal IUD that is more than 99% effective.

Paragard, on the other hand, can increase cramping and period flow. We recommend Paragard for females who experience light, easy periods, and who would like to menstruate on their regular cycle. Paragard is an IUD that prevents pregnancy using copper. It contains no hormones, is more than 99% effective, and lasts for ten years!

It’s a great idea to talk to a healthcare provider about your medical health history before deciding on an IUD.  Teen Clinic offers free consultations, so make an appointment today!