Is your clinic only for girls, or can boys go there to get tested for an STI too?

What a great question! Teen Clinic offers free or low-cost, confidential care to everyone under 20, whether male, female, or intersex. If you are under 18, all of your services at Teen Clinic will be free. But if you are 18 or 19, there may be a small flat fee for your services based on your income.

On a walk-in basis, males can get tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea, access our free monthly HIV testing, or pick up Plan B for a female partner. Males should make an appointment if they are experiencing the symptoms of an infection or if they want to receive Gardasil (the HPV vaccine). And, of course, males are always welcome to stop by Teen Clinic to grab a handful of condoms!  Teen Clinic can also be a resource for questions about sexuality, how to use a condom, or talking to your parents about sex.

We often think of females when we think of sexual health, but birth control and STI-related services are just as important for males!  Thanks for taking the initiative to take care of your health, and spread the word!