I’ve had the implant in for a week now, and I was told to carry on taking the pill for the next 7 days…

…Before I went on the implant, I had been on the pill for a month. I was just wondering when after the first week would be the best time to start having sex without a barrier method?

The birth control implant is also known as the Nexplanon (and sometimes as the Implanon). The Nexplanon is a hormonal birth control rod that is put into place under the surface of the skin on the inner upper arm. This rod will be someone’s pregnancy prevention for up to 3 years! On top of that, the Nexplanon is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy!

Like any hormonal method of birth control, the Nexplanon is not effective for the first week. That first week, someone will need to use a back-up method (like condoms) because the Nexplanon isn’t in full effect yet. In your case, you continued to use birth control pills while the Nexplanon began to work. In any case, after the first week of being on Nexplanon, it will be 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. After that first week, you do not need to use birth control pills or a barrier method to aid in preventing pregnancy.

However, hormonal methods of birth control will not help prevent STIs (sexually transmitted infections). Even if someone is on a reliable hormonal birth control method, they’re still encouraged to use a barrier method (like condoms or dental dams) to help reduce the risk of STI transmission.

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