Last night my boyfriend & I had sex , & he came inside of me ..

……I Haven’t been on birth control for months & this morning I started back taking my pills .. can that help prevent me from being pregnant ?

Great question!

Pregnancy is possible whenever sperm comes into contact with the vagina. Since there was unprotected sex, pregnancy is possible. Unfortunately, taking a pill the next day would not reduce the risk of pregnancy.

Remember, the pill is up to 99% effective when taken correctly and consistently. Some questions someone on the pill may want to ask themselves when wondering if they are taking the pills correctly might be:

  • Am I taking the pill at the same time every day?
  • Am I missing or skipping any pills?
  • Am I starting my new pack of pills when I’m supposed to?


It’s also important to remember that hormonal birth control methods do not protect you from STIs. Use dental dams and condoms during oral, anal, and vaginal sex to help reduce your risk of STI transmission!

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