Me and my boyfriend had sex and the condom broke…..

…. I am on the birth control patch and it was my 2nd week. I took a Plan B pill just in case right after. I’m now on my patch free week and wondering how the Plan B pill is going to affect my period or if I’m going to get it at all. I already know my chances of being pregnant are slim but it is still possible right?

Great job thinking about your sexual health!

If there was a chance that sperm came into contact with the vagina there would be a risk of pregnancy.

But, if you were on the patch for at least a week and you were changing it on the right day, it was protecting you from pregnancy up to 99%

Taking an Emergency Contraception right after can also help reduce the risk of pregnancy.  Emergency Contraception works by delaying ovulation – the process when the ovaries release an egg – if ovulation has not already occurred.

The most common side effect of Emergency Contraception is a change in period. This is because it is a high dose of hormones being introduced into the body at once. So it can jump start a person’s period, or make it late, or irregular.  This may take a couple of cycles to go back to normal.

The only way someone can know if they are pregnant is to take a test at least 14 days after the most recent sexual contact. At this time, they can trust the result.

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