My boyfriend and I use flavored condoms….

…….and I feel like that’s what causes my vagina to itch. Every time we have intercourse it starts to itch. But do flavored condoms cause infections? And if they do, can they cause STIs?

Great question!

Flavored condoms are intended to be used for oral sex on a penis. Some people like that they are flavored because they think flavored condoms taste better than unflavored condoms. This is a complete personal preference. It’s important to know that flavored condoms should not be used for vaginal sex.  This is because there are sugars in the flavoring and when they get inside of the vagina it can cause infections like a yeast infection.

Flavored condoms do not cause an STI.  STIs can only be transmitted when someone has sexual contact with someone who has an STI.

If you are experiencing itching after using a flavored condom, it would be a good idea to see a medical provider since a yeast infection could be present. A medical provider can determine what is causing the itching and potentially provide treatment.

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