My boyfriend and myself had unprotected sex 5 different times. All those times he came inside of me. Is it possible that I am pregnant? My cycle was two weeks late.

Pregnancy is possible whenever semen comes in contact with the vagina. If you are having unprotected sex, there is a risk for pregnancy.  The best way to avoid pregnancy is to use forms of birth control consistently and correctly.

Teen Clinic also offers many forms of birth control! And although birth control methods can be up to 99% effective in preventing pregnancy, they are not effective in preventing STIs.  It’s a great idea to consider condoms  and dental dams when you’re engaging in sexual activities. If used correctly and consistently, condoms can help prevent pregnancy and STI transmission by up to 98%! Teen Clinic offers free condoms and dental dams.

You can take a pregnancy test 14 days after your most recent sexual contact to get an accurate result. At that time, you can trust the result of the test. Teen Clinic offers pregnancy tests for free or at a low-cost.

Call Teen Clinic if you have anymore questions, want to make an appointment to discuss birth control options, or take a pregnancy test. We are always here for you! 303-442-5160