My boyfriend fingered me a few times and ever since then my vagina has been feeling uncomfortable…

…He did it again and then we had sex. Now my vagina burns and when I use the toilet it’s very uncomfortable, even if I’m doing nothing apart from sitting down, inside my vagina hurts. What could be the problem and how should I solve it?

When someone is using their hands or fingers to sexually stimulate (or finger) someone, it’s very important to emphasize hygiene. It’s important to make sure you or your partner are washing your hands with an unscented soap before sexual stimulation begins. If your partner did not wash their hands before fingering you, they may have had something on their hands that could irritate your vagina.

There’s also the possibility that your partner was too rough while fingering you. It’s important to talk about your level of comfort before engaging in manual stimulation. That way, you can tell your partner if they are working at a level that is both comfortable and pleasurable for you.

If the discomfort that you felt lasted for a few hours or up to a day after your partner fingered you, it could have been some sort of vaginal irritation. But it is impossible to say for sure what could be going on over the internet.

If the discomfort lasted for longer than a few hours or a day, it could be a sign of infection and you would want to make an appointment with a medical professional. A medical professional would be able to tell you what might be going on with your body.

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