My friend is 14 years old and she sent her crush an image of her body on Snapchat, it was in the dark and her private part was covered with her leg and her chest was covered with her arm but our friend told her it was illegal and it’s on the internet for ever and now she feels really scared and bad. She definitely doesn’t want to tell an adult but I don’t know what she should do because she keeps telling me she just feels guilty and nervous… please help us out

We’re sorry that you and your friend feel scared about this, and your question is an important one. You have to be very careful about sharing sexually explicit images and/or texts (“sexting”). Each state has its own laws about sexting. In Colorado, the law depends greatly on whether the text/image sent was consensual (in other words, whether both the sender and receiver agreed to the sext being sent). If your friend’s crush is 14 or younger and he didn’t consent to the picture being sent (and he chooses to report it), the image your friend sent could technically be classified as a “civil infraction”. This is the lowest tier offence and could be dismissed without any action required. If you’d like to know more, this website has detailed information about the different levels of offense when it comes to sexting.