My friend recently went through a pregnancy scare and would like to get started on birth control, but she doesnt want her parents to know…

…We’re 16 and want to know if we can still get birth control without them knowing?

That is a great question! In other states you might need parental consent, but in Colorado, the law says that minors have the right to access sexual healthcare without the consent or notification of their parents. That means they can start a birth control method or get tested for STIs without their parents being involved at all. In fact, it’s illegal for clinics to share sexual health information with parents (or anyone else!) without an individual’s permission.

At Teen Clinic, we offer a wide range of different birth control methods. Choose a method that fits your lifestyle. Many people are great at using The Pill—but plenty aren’t! If you have trouble remembering to take a pill at the same time every day, changing a patch once a week, or even inserting a ring once a month, consider using longer-term methods like Implanon or IUDs. Once these methods are inserted, they prevent pregnancy for 3-10 years—and you don’t have to remember a thing!

You are unique and so are your prevention needs. Teen Clinic is here to provide professional advice on which prevention method is right for you. Call to make an appointment for a personalized consult on choosing a birth control method. And don’t forget, Teen Clinic services are free or low cost!