My granddaughter had sex for the first time 5 days ago. She said it hurt. She has had light bleeding since then. How long until the bleeding goes away?…

…She did use a condom.

Your granddaughter is lucky to have someone she can talk to!  Thanks for writing in on her behalf.

Although light bleeding can occur after a person’s first vaginal intercourse, bleeding that continues should be evaluated by a medical professional. Vaginal bleeding is often a sign of infection, whether a sexually transmitted infection or an organic infection, like yeast or bacterial vaginitis.  If she doesn’t already have a gynecologist, consider helping her get to Teen Clinic for a check-up. We offer low-cost and confidential services.

Make sure your granddaughter knows that sex shouldn’t be painful.  The tissue in the vaginal canal is very fragile, and can tear if a person isn’t lubricated enough during intercourse. Choosing a water-based lubricant to use with condoms is a great idea. It’s also important to make sure she is aroused enough for vaginal intercourse. During arousal, blood fills the vaginal tissues, allowing them to expand and lengthen. The body may also self-lubricate, reducing friction  further. If a person experiences pain during intercourse, it’s often a red flag to stop or slow down.

For a more in-depth guide to preventing pain during sex, check out this question.  To make an appointment at Teen Clinic, take a peek at our contact information. Thanks again for being a safe place your granddaughter can go!