My vagina smells kinda bad I don’t know if it’s really a fishy smell…

…..I am 15 and not sexually active. I shower morning and night and use a natural soap and warm water but I find myself smelling just a few hour after I have showered.

While everyone’s bodies are different, vaginas have a natural odor  that can be completely normal.  Knowing what is normal for your body will help you to know when something is abnormal.

If you noticed a change in odor it can be a sign of infection. Some infections likes Yeast and Bacterial Vaginosis can occur organically from imbalances in the body (stress, diet, and clothing can all contribute to this).

These are not STIs, but can be treated. Some of these infections may resolve themselves, but in a lot of cases they need to be treated.

Also, sometimes using soap in or around the vagina or vulva can cause irritation and sometimes infections. You could try just washing with warm water and see if this helps as well.

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