So I had unprotected sex with a guy and the next day he told me that he had Chlamydia…

…………………….but that he had been treated for it and followed the 7 day no sex rule.  I’m just wondering what are the chances of me getting chlamydia because he did cum inside me.  I have the implant in the arm that protects you from getting pregnant for three years…


Let’s start out by talking about what Chlamydia is and how it can be spread or transmitted.

Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted bacterial  infection of the vagina, penis, anus, or throat.

Chlamydia is spread through vaginal fluids and semen. People can get Chlamydia through vaginal, anal, or oral sex without a condom or dental dam.

Chlamydia is cured with antibiotics. When someone is being treated for Chlamydia, it is very important that they and their partners are treated and finish the medication, and abstain from sexual activities with other people for 7 days. This will help ensure that re infection doesn’t occur.

If you had any sexual contact before, or during those 7 days it is possible the Chlamydia was transmitted. If the sexual contact occurred after your partner finished treatment, and your partner didn’t have any sexual contact with anyone for those 7 days, it is less likely the Chlamydia was transmitted.

Remember, hormonal forms of birth control, like the Nexplanon do not reduce the risk of STIs, only condoms and dental dams can do this.

The only way to know for sure if Chlamydia was transmitted is to get tested.  If you want to make an appointment or have more questions you can give Teen Clinic a call at 303-442-5160