So I used to be on the Implanon bc for 3 yrs, then went to Nexplanon and I have been on it for 2 yrs…..

….I only have one partner right now….but this past weekend I made bad choices with my ex. We had unprotected sex Saturday and Sunday….but me and my partner had planned for Thursday to remove my Nexplanon. We wanna try for a family. This is where I’m nervous. Thursday when my Nexplanon gets removed is there a possibility I may still have my exes cum in me and I can possibly get pregnant by him?

And if so, do you think it would help and be a good idea if Thursday if I remove my implant and at that same time take a plan b? Do you think that would help me out by not getting pregnant by my ex?


Great question. Remember, when you are on the Nexplanon, and if you have had it for over a week, you are protected 99% protected from pregnancy.

If however, you are getting your Nexplanon removed, and you have had unprotected vaginal sex ( so, without a condom ) 5 days or less before the removal, there is a chance of pregnancy. It is recommended to refrain from unprotected sex 5 days prior to a removal of a Nexplanon, (and an IUD) because there is that chance of pregnancy. This is because semen can live in the vagina for 5 days.

So, in your situation, it might be best to wait a week to have your Nexplanon removed, and in the mean time be using a backup barrier method (like condoms) when having vaginal sex. This is something that the clinician will discuss at an appointment when a person is getting a Nexplanon or IUD removed. If a clinician thinks there could be a chance of pregnancy they may decide to wait to remove it that day.

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