So I’m a 15 year old girl with terrible menstrual cramps. I’m looking into taking some form of birth control to make the cramps worse. What would you recommend?

Great job thinking about your health!

A lot of people start hormonal forms of birth control to help with menstrual cramps.  This is because a person’s hormones naturally fluctuate up and down.  When someone is on a hormonal form of birth control, their hormones are leveling out and things like cramps can potentially be lessened.

Deciding what form of birth control to start however, is a personal decision! Someone should discuss this with a clinician first. If you want to learn a little more about each method, click here!

If you want to talk to a clinician about starting a form of birth control you can give our Teen Clinic a call! We offer confidential services and all of our services are either free or low cost. Give us a call at 303-442-5160