So I’ve been having sex with my boyfriend for quite a while now. We almost always use condoms……..

…….When we don’t he never gets close to ejaculating. A few weeks ago I had spotting after my period and it freaked me out so my mom might put me on the pill if she does and I take the pill for a week after that week can my boyfriend ejaculate in me without a condom?

First of all, great job taking control of your sexual health! It’s great you are choosing to use condoms and birth control pills, and that you feel comfortable talking to your mom about it!

When someone starts a new hormonal method of birth control  ( like the pill)  it takes 1 week for the hormones to be integrated enough into the body to start preventing pregnancy.  After that one week, you are up to 99% protected from pregnancy, even if your partner ejaculates inside of you, IF you are taking your pill consistently and correctly.

Some questions you may want to ask yourself when wondering if you are taking your pills correctly might be:

  • Am I taking the pill at the same time every day?
  • Am I missing or skipping any pills?
  • Am I starting my new pack of pills when I’m supposed to?

All of these things can influence the effectiveness of your method. If you are following directions on how to take your pills properly, you will be up to 99% protected from pregnancy. But remember, birth control methods do not protect you from STIs. Use dental dams and condoms during oral, anal, and vaginal sex to help reduce your risk of STI transmission!

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