Sometimes when I masturbate using my fingers it burn after I do it and it burns to urinate. Should I stop?

If you are feeling uncomfortable during or after masturbation, it could be because of a few reasons.

If you are using  your hands or fingers to sexually stimulate yourself, it’s very important to emphasize hygiene. It’s important to make sure you  are washing your hands with an unscented soap before sexual stimulation begins. If you did not wash your hands before, you may have had something on your hands that can cause irritation.

If the discomfort that you feel lasts for a few hours or up to a day after masturbation  it could be from some type of infection, and you would want to make an appointment with a medical professional. A medical professional would be able to tell you what might be going on with your body.

You can learn how to make an appointment here.  You can also take comfort in knowing that all of our clinicians here at Teen Clinic specialize in seeing teens and provide non-judgmental care! Give us a call with more questions! 303-442-5160.