What brand of condoms do you have at Teen Clinic?

Great question! Teen Clinic’s condom stash is rarely the same two months in a row. Because we are a donation-based clinic, we purchase whatever condoms are on sale. Right now we have Lifestyle Extra-Lubricated condoms; before that we had Atlas-brand condoms in six colors. We will be ordering our next shipment in the coming weeks.

We do our best to take your feedback into account, so if there’s a problem with the condoms we’ve chosen, please let us know.  However, the condoms we pick may not be your favorite. There is no legal age for buying condoms; feel free to learn which ones you prefer by purchasing your own!  Some teens worry about being seen buying condoms; visiting stores with a self-checkout can help with this problem.

Of course, you’re just as welcome to come grab a handful of whatever condoms are available at Teen Clinic, at no charge. If you’re sexually active, using condoms is the healthy, responsible thing to do!