What is the process of getting on the pill? How much does it cost?

Great question!

Someone can make an appointment at Teen Clinic to get started on any birth control method (including the pill).  During your appointment, your clinician will talk with you about your personal medical history as well as your family medical history. Then together, the two of you can discuss which method might be best for you. Then, the clinician will give you a prescription for the method you decide on.

If you are under 18, all of our services are donation based.  This means we will not charge you for our services. Donations are encouraged but not required! If you are 18 or 19, Teen Clinic will base the cost of your visit on your income or however you are supporting yourself financially. So it could be donation based, or a very small fee.

Give Teen Clinic a call to make an appointment at 303-442-5160