Where can I get emergency contraception for an inexpensive price?…

…I always need it on weekends when Planned Parenthood is closed.


At Teen Clinic, all services are free to those under 18, and low-cost to those who are 18 and 19! Our Boulder location is open from 1-5pm on Saturdays for your weekend needs. However, we only serve our teen patients during this time.  If you’re over 20, consider visiting our adult clinic, Women’s Health. At Women’s Health, the amount you pay depends on what you make. Emergency contraception may be more affordable for you here—but you do have to pick it up during the week.

Consider stocking up on Plan B before you need it!  Having extra EC in the house is a responsible way to make sure you’re covered on the weekends. Most providers will be willing to dispense this to you.  If you’re still interested in a cheaper weekend option, we’ve found that Target offers EC as low as $35. Also, a generic version of Plan B, called NextChoice, hit the market in 2009. NextChoice generally sells for 10-20% below traditional Plan B prices, so keep your eyes peeled for it.

If you find yourself depending on EC repeatedly, it’s probably time to choose a more reliable birth control method. For those under 20, it’s free or low-cost to do so—make an appointment at Teen Clinic soon!  If you’re over 20, call Women’s Health to learn about prices on our sliding scale.