Where is a good place to obtain larger sized condoms discreetly and for free?

Teen Clinic has free condoms available to anyone 19 or under! Teen Clinic also carries different sizes and varieties of condoms for people.

If someone wants to come in to Teen Clinic and pick up condoms, all they have to do is:

  • Sign in at the front desk- writing on the sign in slip that they would like to pick up condoms
  • They’ll be taken back to a private room
  • Condoms will be given in a bag to keep the visit private and confidential

Keep in mind too that all personal information that the patient is sharing is written on their sign in slip of paper, not vocalized in front of other people in the waiting room. Teen Clinic offers free or low-cost and confidential care. Give us a call if you have more questions or would like to make an appointment! 303-442-5160