Where should I go for birth control now that I’m too old and am no longer able to use the Teen Clinic?

Never fear—Women’s Health is here! The organization that runs Teen Clinic is called the Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center, and we offer services to all people regardless of their age, race, language, ethnicity, sexual orientation, sex or gender. Birth control and STI-related services are available on a sliding scale at both our Boulder and Longmont locations. How much you pay depends on how much you make.  At our lowest-income level, many of our services are free of charge.

Call 303-442-5160 to make an appointment during adult hours.  On the phone, they’ll be able to give you an estimation of the cost. We do accept most insurances. You’ll still be able to walk in for birth control pick ups, but remember—you can no longer visit the clinic during teen hours, even for pick-ups. 

Thanks for continuing to take care of your health, and call us with any questions!