Which IUD do you have available for teens? The question relates to the amount of hormone in the IUD. Is it possible to get Kyleena at your clinic?

The IUDs we have available for teens include Mirena, Kyleena, Paraguard and Liletta. Mirena and Liletta are essentially the same; they’re just made by a different manufacturer. Kyleena is a slightly smaller IUD and contains fewer hormones than Mirena/Liletta. However, smaller IUDs can sometimes cause more breakthrough bleeding (spotting between menstrual periods) than the larger ones. With all of the hormonal devices, your period may become shorter and/or lighter. Some people will eventually stop getting their periods at all. Paraguard is a non-hormonal IUD (it uses copper instead) that lasts longer (up to 10 years). Although it’s non-hormonal, it can cause heavier bleeding and cramping. All of these options could be great options for teens; it just depends on your medical history. We encourage you to make an appointment to further discuss your options with a medical provider!