Will you need insurance for Teen Clinic? Will my parents know I came and would they know why?

Great question!

Teen clinic does not accept insurance. The only exception to this is if someone is 18 or 19 and they have and want to use Medicaid. If a teen has insurance and wants to use it, they would need to make an appointment at our Family Planning clinic. The main reason Teen Clinic doesn’t accept insurance is because of confidentiality. We can’t guarantee that if a teen uses their insurance that their parents will not find out about their services.

This is why Teen Clinic offers free or low-cost and confidential sexual health services. If you are under 18, all of our services are completely free! If you are 18 or 19, Teen Clinic will base the cost of your visit on your income or however you are supporting yourself financially. With that being said, many teens’ services will still be free. For others, there may be a small flat cost for your services. This means that if you come in for an STI test and end up starting birth control too, you’ll still only pay the initial co-pay talked about at the beginning of the visit; no hidden charges! Even with some of our services requiring payment, the most a teen would ever pay is $50! The prices in Teen Clinic are discounted versions of what you might pay at our Family Planning clinic. Click here to see our full price page.

Give us a call with more questions! 303-442-5160.