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My friend is 14 years old and she sent her crush an image of her body on Snapchat, it was in the dark and her private part was covered with her leg and her chest was covered with her arm but our friend told her it was illegal and it’s on the internet for ever and now she feels really scared and bad. She definitely doesn’t want to tell an adult but I don’t know what she should do because she keeps telling me she just feels guilty and nervous… please help us out

We’re sorry that you and your friend feel scared about this, and your question is an important one. You have to be very careful about sharing sexually explicit images and/or texts (“sexting”). Each state has its own laws about sexting. In Colorado, the law depends greatly on whether the text/image sent was consensual (in other words, whether both the sender and receiver agreed to the sext being sent). If your friend’s crush is 14 or younger and he didn’t consent to the picture being sent (and he chooses to report it), the image your friend sent could technically be classified as a “civil infraction”. This is the lowest tier offence and could be dismissed without any action required. If you’d like to know more, this website has detailed information about the different levels of offense when it comes to sexting.

do you do abortions

Yes, abortions are provided by licensed, experienced, specially trained physicians. Follow-up exams are performed by nurse practitioners. We also offer counseling services that are confidential, non-judgmental, respectful and empowering. Colorado law requires that if you are under 18 years old, you must notify your parents of your intent to have an abortion, unless you are living apart from your parents and supporting yourself. If you have more questions about abortion, please call us at 303-442-5160 or visit our website:

Me and my partner had unprotected sex the day before she was supposed to have a implant removed. Is there a possibility of getting pregnant after taken out and how long does it take for fertility to return. Not looking for a kid right now.

Yes, there would be a possibility of getting pregnant after having the implant removed, if there was sex without a condom the day before.  That’s because the implant doesn’t always prevent ovulation.  And, sperm can live for at least 2-3 days in a woman’s body, some say longer.  So, if your partner had just ovulated, or did within a few days of the removal, and your sperm lived a few days, then yes, that could result in pregnancy once the implant was removed.

As far as return to fertility, it can be nearly immediate.  If an implant is removed and pregnancy is not desired, the couple immediately needs to be using another method.

I’m a 13 year old boy and a couple of days ago when I urinated it came out 2 streams one strong and one weak but then casually went back to normal. This also happened around 3 years ago. I’m wondering if anything is wrong with me.

Thanks for reaching out to us.  This does not necessarily sound very abnormal, but this is not within our scope of practice.  It would be best for you to contact your primary care provider about this question. 

I just got on the implant a little over a week ago. They inserted it on my third day of my cycle… today I had sex and he came in me, now I’m bleeding.. the doctor said if inserted while on certain days of your cycle, you are protected immediately. Is this true?

Yes, if the implant is inserted within 5 days of the first day of your menstrual cycle, you are immediately protected from getting pregnant.  Of course, it doesn’t protect you against sexually transmitted infections, so a condom is still recommended. 

I’m a female, 13 almost 14 years old. The first time I got my period was Easter Sunday 2019 and I was relieved because I was starting to worry I never would and it was a normal period lasting 7 days. But I haven’t had it since and I don’t want to tell my mum. What could be wrong?

It is absolutely within the normal variation to have your first period at 13 (even going on 14).  It is also very normal to have quite irregular periods in the first year or so.  However, it is now about 4 months since your first period, and that is a bit unusual – I would say if you had periods every 2 or 3 months for the first year it would be more “normal.”  You could certainly wait another 1-2 months to see if you get another period, or you could make an appointment now to see a nurse practitioner or doctor.  It is possible that you have something going on, likely not serious, that is causing this variation in your periods. 

I’m 14 and I think my testicles are small. Do you think something is wrong like a disease?

Thanks for writing in! It’s great that you’re paying attention to your body.  However, know that everyone’s bodies are different. People may go through puberty at different ages or different speeds. At age fourteen, it’s possible your body hasn’t yet finished maturing. It’s also possible that it has. Try to love your body no matter what it looks like!

If you are concerned about your development, it’s a good idea to go see a medical professional. There are a few conditions that can cause small testicles; however, they are not reversible, so it’s still important to embrace yourself exactly as you are. Learn more about your family history, and make sure you have some trusted adults you can talk to.  And know that people prefer all different types of bodies, too—your testicle size doesn’t mean you can’t experience a healthy, happy sexuality!

I had unprotected anal sex in the lake about two days ago, then today I’ve had a little bit of bloody discharge. Am I pregnant?

Pregnancy is possible whenever semen enters the vagina. If semen accidentally got into the vagina during anal sex, yes, there would be a risk for pregnancy. It’s best to know for sure–take a pregnancy test ten days after the unprotected sex. (And consider visiting Teen Clinic to start a reliable birth control method soon!)  However, know that semen coming in contact with the anus does not cause pregnancy.

While unprotected anal sex is considered low-risk for pregnancy, it is high-risk for contracting sexually transmitted infections. That’s because the lining of the anus is very fragile and can tear during sexual activity. The discharge you are experiencing may be a sign of infection, or it could be related to an anal fissure. It’s a good idea to make an appointment at Teen Clinic if you are experiencing pain or if the bleeding continues.

In the future, Teen Clinic recommends using condoms 100%—this can help set your mind at ease. There are also ways to decrease the risks of discomfort or tearing during anal sex—check out this question to learn more. Thanks for checking in!

Can a girl get pregnant if she gives oral sex?

Pregnancy is possible whenever semen enters the vagina. Generally, performing oral sex on a penis does not carry a risk for pregnancy because semen does not enter the vagina. To be clear, semen in the mouth cannot cause pregnancy; in order for pregnancy to occur, the semen would have to enter the vagina (whether on the penis, hands, or another body part).

While oral sex doesn’t carry a risk for pregnancy, some STIs can transmit through oral sex. Herpes and HPV spread through skin-to-skin contact, while chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis B can spread through sexual fluids. If you do choose to be sexually active, consider using condoms 100%, talking to your partner, and getting tested regularly to reduce your risk. Thanks for asking this important question!

Can my parents make me get a pelvic exam?

Great question! The short answer is no.  Here’s the long answer:  in Colorado, the law says that minors have the right to access sexual healthcare without the consent or notification of their parents. That means they can start a birth control method or get tested for STIs without their parents being involved at all. In fact, it’s illegal for clinics to share sexual health information with parents (or anyone else!) without an individual’s permission.

Since you have the right to access these services, you also have the right not to!  At Teen Clinic, patients who come in against their own wishes will not be seen. We will only run tests or perform examinations that are medically necessary and desired by the patient—you!

It’s totally understandable if your parents are worried about you, or want to make sure you have good care.  That’s their job!  Be sure to talk to them about why they want you to have a pelvic examination. Let them know they can give Teen Clinic a call if they want to talk to a nurse. Some medical standards have recently changed; for instance, youth no longer receive pap tests—it’s recommended to begin getting this test at age 21. For this reason, teens usually only get pelvic exams if they are interested in an IUD or have a concern—about STIs, other infections, or their period.

If you do have a concern, come on in! Teen Clinic is here for you—even if you just need support in talking to your parents.