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Changes to Teen Clinic in 2014!

One thing is staying the same- ALL services at Teen Clinic are free or low-cost and confidential. At Teen Clinic we will listen to you with respect. We will work with you to make sure you are getting great care.

Click here to see all of the changes coming to Teen Clinic in January 2014!

The Trans Survivor Task Force has created an important brochure that you need to see!

The Trans Survivor Task Force of Boulder county has created an important brochure that people need to see. The brochure was made for trans* survivors of sexual violence and gender violence and for people supporting these survivors. Check out the brochure and get the word out by clicking here!

Where’s Clappy?

Identify the location of our friend Clappy(a.k.a. the bacterial infection gonorrhea), and win a free safer sex kit from Teen Clinic!


Pictures will be posted monthly, Twitter clues will be posted every other week. Clappy moves the first of each month. Email responses by the last Friday of the month.

Email with a username (a name we can post on the website), your email address, and the location of Clappy. Only one entry per person. One winner will be chosen randomly from all correct submissions.

Boulder Teen Clinic will now be offering free HIV testing twice a month!

Starting at the beginning September, Boulder Teen Clinic will be offering free rapid HIV testing twice a month! Teens will be able to walk-in for a free HIV test from 4-7 on the 1st and 2nd Tuesday of every month. Spread the word!

How do you handle a break-up in a healthy way?

With technology now days like Facebook, Twitter, and text messaging, t’s easy to be blind-sided with a break-up. Everyone has gone through it, but how do you deal with a bad break-up in a healthy way? explores the increased possibility of anger and violence in teen break-ups and how to handle it in a safe and healthy way.

Read more about “how to break up” here.

Is there an app that can help end HIV/AIDS?

An interesting suggestion was made at the AIDS 2012 conference this year. What if an App were developed that would let people know how and where to get tested for HIV?

Washington Post reporter, Dominic Basulto, acknowledges that health professionals are beginning to realize that mobile health innovations may lead to “new breakthroughs in the fight against HIV/AIDS.”

Check out the full article here.

Ever wonder why people get vaginal infections that aren’t STIs?

Fishy smell? Weird discharge? It might not be an STI.

This great article at explores the “netherworld” of the vagina, where colonies of common bacteria can overgrow into Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). This common infection is curable, but is often mistaken for an STI.

“How does the curious mix of microbes down there help to keep us healthy?” writer Dyani Lewis asks, “…and how can we restore balance once it is lost?”

To read the full article, visit:


Teen Clinic Announces Pricing Changes

Here’s the deal: since we opened in 1995, Teen Clinic has offered free services to thousands of teens.  Every year we see more than 1,500 different people!  But it takes a lot of resources to provide services free of charge—and with the political and economic climate changing, we’re looking for ways to be more sustainable long-term.

On June 1, our prices will be changing—but just a little!

If you are…                                                                            your services…

 Under 18                                                                               Will still be donation-based!

18 or 19                                                                                 May still be donation-based, or

may cost a small flat fee between $0-$50.

See our complete pricing page for details.

If you are over 18, you will now need to bring proof of your income to appointments. This can be a paystub, a recent tax return, a bank statement, or a letter from the people who support you. The amount you will pay depends on how much you make. Don’t forget, Teen Clinic is here for you.  If you are 18 or 19 and you are concerned about cost, please chat with a clinic assistant.

We need your help!  If you are under 18 but you do have access to an income (your parents’ or your own!), leave a donation when you visit Teen Clinic. It’s a great way to make sure your peers can continue to access these life-saving services.  Thanks for giving back! 


Teen Clinic has a NEW text line number!

The Teen Clinic Sexual Health Text Line has a NEW number! Reset your phones: you’ll want to send “ToTC” and then your question to 66746. The line is still 100% anonymous–we can’t see who sent the question. And just like the old number, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

Ask away!

The Patch should remain available despite health risks, says FDA

A panel of federal health advisers met on Friday to review the safety of the birth control patch.  The patch– known as OrthoEvra and manufactured by Johnson & Johnson– is thought to carry a higher risk of blood clots than other hormonal birth control methods.  However, the federal panel ruled that its benefits outweigh its risks, and suggested it remain available as an option for females who have trouble taking a daily pill.

Read the whole article here.