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How can you tell if you or someone has herpes?

This is a great question! Lets talk a little bit about Herpes!

There are two different types of Herpes, Herpes Simplex Virus I & II.  Type I presents itself as cold sores on the the mouth so it is not considered an STI unless it’s transmitted through unprotected oral sex (mouth to genital contact).

Type II is usually called “Genital Herpes” because it presents itself as open sores on the genitals, and is transmitted through unprotected sexual skin to skin contact.

The only way someone can know for sure if they have Herpes is to have a provider take a swab of an active sore. So if someone begins to experience any symptoms (sores or blisters on either the genitals or the mouth) they should see a provider so they can test for it.

It is important to remember to use barrier methods like condoms or dental dams during sexual contact to reduce the risk of STI transmission.

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My period hasn’t come in over a month…

… Could it be possible that Plan B  delayed it or am I pregnant?

One of the most common side effects of taking emergency contraception is a change in a period.  Because it contains a large dose of hormones, it can disrupt someone’s cycle.  For some people, it may jump start a full period, or light spotting, or it may delay someone’s period. This can potentially happen for a couple of cycles. It’s not harmful to the body, its just a side effect.

The only way to know if you are pregnant is to take a test at least 14 days after the sexual contact happened. You can get an accurate result then.

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Are abortions free and do I need a parent signature if I’m under 18?

Keep in mind that Teen Clinic does not offer abortions. We can however tell you a little bit about the law in Colorado.

In Colorado, minors do not need parental consent to receive an abortion. However, state law does require that they notify their parents/guardian before.  A minor can choose to notify their parents themselves (with a certification form), or they may choose to have their  abortion provider send notification by certified mail.  They may also ask a judge to excuse them from this requirement, particularly if telling their parents would place them in danger.

Pricing is going to look different in different clinics, but many places offer assistance.

If you are pregnant and need to discuss your options you can call us at 303-442-5160.

You can also visit to find information and clinics near you.


I have been having unprotected sex for the past year on Nexplanon….

…. and so far I have not gotten pregnant. However I had my period the whole summer (consistently for 20 days straight) and now I have not had anything at all. I was wondering about my chances of pregnancy from this or if it is from the irregularity of Nexplanon.


It is important to know that once someone has had the Nexplanon for a full week, they are 99% protected from pregnancy even if ejaculation in the vagina occurs. Remember, the Nexplanon does not protect against STIs. Only condoms and/or dental dams can do this.

In terms of your period, a very common side effect of the Nexplanon can be irregular bleeding. Some people lose their period completely; some have irregular spotting, and some people bleed more for the adjustment period. Sometimes it can take anywhere from 3-6 months for the body to adjust to the new hormone, or some people have unpredictable bleeding for entire time.  The reason this happens is because Nexplanon contains the hormones which over time stops the uterine lining from building up. Sometimes it will still build up and then shed. This is why someone may not have a period, or may have irregular bleeding.

So your irregular bleeding is likely due to the Nexplanon, but if you want to discuss it further or want to discuss ways to regulate the bleeding you can make an appointment with us at Teen Clinic by calling 303-442-5160.


Can I buy condoms if I’m only 14, and can I buy plan b pills??

Great question!

In the state of Colorado there isn’t an age restriction to buy condoms or Emergency Contraception over the counter.  In some places, Emergency contraception may be between $40-$50.

Teen Clinic also offers these materials as well. Anyone can walk into Teen Clinic to pick up condoms for free.

If someone wants to get Emergency Contraception at Teen Clinic they have a couple of options.  They can get it for free if they have already been a patient. In order to be a patient at Teen Clinic someone needs to make an appointment to see a medical provider.

If someone has never been a patient (and maybe doesn’t want to) they can get Emergency contraception for $20.

Feel free to stop by our Teen Clinic, or give us a call to make an appointment at 303-442-5160

Whats the easiest way to make an appointment and why does it take so long on the phone?

We are sorry you are having trouble scheduling an appointment!

The best way to make an appointment with us is to call us our clinic.  We suggest listening to the different options so you are selecting and being directed to our scheduling office.

We sometimes get a high volume of calls in the morning or at various times during the day.  When you call you will be put in line in the order your call was received, and the next person who is available will take your call. On Saturdays, our main phone line is closed, so please listen to the Teen Clinic options to be directed to our Teen Clinic phone.

If you still haven’t scheduled an appointment we would recommend calling again. We apologize if you haven’t been able to get through, but we appreciate your patience!

Please give us a call at 303-442-5160!


Can you help me? I’ve just recently had sex without a condom…

…..I’m scared about pregnancy as he didn’t cum inside me but on my vagina. Can you provide me anything?

In order for someone to get pregnant, semen or pre-ejaculate needs to come into direct contact with the vagina. But even if someone does not ejaculate in the vagina, there is still a risk of pregnancy. If someone ejaculates on the outside of the body but still near the vagina, sperm can travel in to the vagina, putting them at risk of pregnancy.

Pre-ejaculate is a clear, sticky fluid released by the penis between the beginning of arousal and ejaculation.  Some people release a small amount of pre-ejaculate; others may release quite a bit.Although pre-ejaculate does not contain sperm when it is produced, it can pick up leftover sperm in the urethra. This means that pre-ejaculate can contain sperm when it leaves the body, creating a risk for pregnancy.  Pre-ejaculate can also transmit STIs.

Emergency Contraception can help reduce the risk of pregnancy. Emergency Contraception works by delaying ovulation – the process when the ovaries release an egg – if ovulation has not already occurred. Emergency contraception can be taken up to five days after the most recent sexual contact and is more effective the sooner it is taken.

Using a form of birth control is also a good idea. Most methods can be up to 99% effective when used correctly. Condoms can also help reduce the risk of STIs and pregnancy by 98% when used correctly.

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I’m having trouble figuring out if I have Trichomoniasis. Can you help?

Thank you for asking!

Trichomoniasis is a common sexually transmitted parasitic infection of the vagina or penis. It is spread through vaginal fluids or semen.

Symptoms can be more noticeable in the vagina than the penis, but both are at risk for contracting and transmitting the infection. Symptoms include a green, frothy discharge with a fishy odor coming from the penis or vagina.

The only way someone can know for sure if they have the infection is to get tested.  Remember it is a curable infection. So if someone were to test positive, they can take medication to get rid of the parasite.

If you want to make an appointment with us to get tested you can call us at 303-442-5160!



Is it possible to tell you are pregnant after 2 days?

The earliest that someone can take a pregnancy test is 14 days after the sexual contact.  At that time someone will get an accurate result.  If someone takes a pregnancy test before the 14 days, they may not get an accurate result and would want to take another test once it has been 14 days.

If you want to make an appointment to take a pregnancy test or to discuss birth control or anything else you can give Teen Clinic a call at 303-442-5160.

I don’t know much about the pill and want to learn as much as I can before I ask for it. Please help me.

Good question!

We can give you some general information about the pill.

The pill is a hormonal birth control method used to effectively prevent pregnancy. The hormones prevent ovulation – the process when the ovaries release an egg – and thicken cervical mucus.

The pill is swallowed every day at the same time. Each pill only has 24 hours worth of hormonal protection, so it’s important to take each pill at the same time each day.

With typical use the pill is 92% effective. If used correctly, consistently and all of the time, the pill can be up to 99.7% effective. The pill does not prevent against any STIs!

It requires a prescription from a medical provider. There are many types of the pill so it’s important to visit with a medical provider to ensure you are getting the right pill for your body.

If you want to make an appointment with us to go over the pill, and figure out which one may be best for you, you can call Teen Clinic at 303-442-5160 to make an appointment!