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why are the sides of my testicles itchy, and what should I do

Itchy testicles can be caused by a few things. One of the most common causes is a fungal infection, which generally presents as a reddish rash. It could also be a result of chafing, using new soaps or detergents that you might be reacting to, or some STIs. Make sure to keep your genital area clean but don’t use any harsh soaps. If a rash appears or the itching is intense and continues for several days, we recommend making an appointment so a medical provider can check you out.

I’m 14 and I think my testicles are small. Do you think something is wrong like a disease?

Thanks for writing in! It’s great that you’re paying attention to your body.  However, know that everyone’s bodies are different. People may go through puberty at different ages or different speeds. At age fourteen, it’s possible your body hasn’t yet finished maturing. It’s also possible that it has. Try to love your body no matter what it looks like!

If you are concerned about your development, it’s a good idea to go see a medical professional. There are a few conditions that can cause small testicles; however, they are not reversible, so it’s still important to embrace yourself exactly as you are. Learn more about your family history, and make sure you have some trusted adults you can talk to.  And know that people prefer all different types of bodies, too—your testicle size doesn’t mean you can’t experience a healthy, happy sexuality!