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My urine is very strong-smelling. I’ve been told that if urine smells really gross, it can be bad for me…

…Is that true? What can be happening? I haven’t gotten it checked out.

This is a great question! If your urine has a stronger-than-normal odor, you may be experiencing one of the most common side effects of dehydration. When a person becomes dehydrated, she may not be drinking enough water to help dilute the toxins within her urine. When this happens,  the higher concentration of urine may result in a stronger smell and also a darker color of urine.  Certain vitamins (like vitamin B) or foods (asparagus) may also have an effect on the way urine may smell.

In other cases,  infection can be the cause of an unusual smell to your urine. If you’re experiencing other symptoms along with the foul odor, it would be a good idea to visit Teen Clinic and speak with a health care practitioner.