Hepatitis B

hepatitisThe Hepatitis B Virus affects liver health.  There are different types of Hepatitis. There are Hepatitis A, B, and C.  Hepatitis B is the only one that is considered an STI.


Hepatitis B is transmitted through blood, semen, and vaginal fluids. Using a condom or dental dam can help reduce the chance of transmission.


Symptoms & Complications

Hepatitis B causes either an acute infection lasting several weeks or a chronic infection lasting long-term. Initial symptoms include flu-like symptoms, dark urine, grey stool, yellow eyes and skin. In 95% of Hepatitis B cases, infected people only have symptoms once, for a short period of time. In very few cases, Hepatitis B can lead to liver cancer and liver disease.


If you are experiencing symptoms or think you’ve been exposed to Hepatitis B  it’s very important to get tested. Hepatitis B is tested through a blood draw.


Hepatitis B is not curable but it is treatable.  Treatment for Hepatitis B varies on case and severity.  However,  Hepatitis B has a vaccine to prevent the virus – most people in the USA receive the vaccine as infants.

Learn More

For detailed information on the Hepatitis infections, check of the Center for Disease Control. You can also ask us an anonymous question right on our website. If you are experiencing symptoms of an STI, think you’ve been exposed to an STI, or want to talk to a professional, call Teen Clinic to make an appointment with a qualified health care provider.