Your Partners


When it comes to sex, communication is key, even if you’re not sexually active. Talking about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), birth control, sexual expectations, and personal boundaries can keep you healthy, happy, and safe.

To make things easier, here are some tips and discussion topics:

  1. Your personal definition of sex and abstinence.
  2. Practice what you want to say.
  3. Find somewhere to talk where both you and your partner feel safe.
  4. Learn about your partner’s sexual history, and find out about any drug use (STIs can also be transmitted by use of needles). Also, be honest about your own past.
  5. Talk about safer sex options and using protection.
  6. Remember- just because you had the talk does not mean you have to have sex.

For more information on talking with a partner or STI and pregnancy prevention, ask us an anonymous question or make an appointment at Teen Clinic.